Holy Mothers of Orthodoxy


Eva Catafygiotu Topping

Thekla the Nun: In Praise of Woman


82See the account of the virginal woman as a new cultural ideal by Rosemary Radford Ruether, "Misgynism and Virginal Feminism in the Fathers of the Church," in Religion and Sexism (New York, 1974), pp. 150-83.
83A word often used of convents, current in the ninth century; e.g. Theodore the Studite, PG 99: 1549 B.
84One of Mary's most significant titles; vv. 46,50, 54, 62, 80, 84, 115, 167, 171. Cf. Ledit, Marie, pp. 167-79.
85Vv. 18, 52, 118, 126, 134, 142, 164, 179, 193.
86Vv. 21, 132,; 89, 98; 115.
87For the state of education in Thekla's time see the study of Ann Moffatt, "Schooling in the Iconoclast Centuries," inIconoclasm, eds. Anthony Bryer and Judith Herrin (Birmingham, 1977), pp. 85-92.
88Jose Grosdidier de Matons, "La Femme dans l'empire byzantine," in Histoire mondiale de la femme, ed. Pierre Grimal (Pairs, 1967), pp. 11-42, discusses various aspects of woman’s condition in Byzantium.

Byzantine Music Notation

Byzantine Music Notation